If it's broken, we will fix it. If it's a question, we will answer it.


If it's broken, we will fix it. If it's a question, we will answer it.

After an accident
  • I was just involved in an accident. What do I do now?

  • Does my insurance adjuster need to see my car first?

  • Do I need more than one estimate for my insurance company?

  • I am having issues submitting my collision damage photos online.

  • What can I expect when bringing my vehicle to Caliber?

  • How long do car repairs take?

  • How do I get a rental car?

  • How do I know Caliber is better than other car repair shops?

  • What do I do if something goes wrong with my repairs?

  • What if something goes wrong with my repairs a few years from now?

Glass repair/replacement
  • Do you take insurance for glass repair/replacement?

  • How do I prepare for my auto glass appointment?

  • Why are calibrations needed for auto glass replacements?

  • Why does the vehicle gas tank have to be full for calibrations?

  • Can you come to me to replace my windshield?

  • Why do I need to bring my vehicle to a shop?

  • Will a technician need to drive the vehicle for auto glass replacements?

  • Is all glass the same?

Restoring You: Caliber in the Community
  • When is your Annual Food Drive?

  • I would like to nominate someone for Recycled Rides.

Careers at Caliber
  • I love to work on cars and would like to become a mechanic. How can I do that?

  • Issues completing online career application.

  • I’ve applied, what now?

  • How do I verify employment or income with Caliber?

  • What resources does Caliber offer to employees?

Caliber in the News

If you are a member of the media and have questions about Caliber, please visit our Newsroom where you will find Press Releases, Media Assets, Our Story, Media FAQs and more.